G6 Miniature Micro Switch

Application principle of electric pressure cooker G6 series micro switch

Electric pressure cooker is an upgraded product of traditional pressure cooker and electric rice cooker.


Electric pressure cooker is an upgraded product of traditional pressure cooker and electric rice cooker. It combines the advantages of pressure cooker and electric rice cooker. Sealed cooking, pressure continuously adjustable, completely solve the safety problem of pressure cooker, remove the hidden safety hazards of ordinary pressure cooker that has plagued consumers for many years; its thermal efficiency is greater than 80%, saving time and electricity (more than 30% more than ordinary rice cooker) . Main terminal brands of electric pressure cookers: Midea, Supor, Philips, Panasonic. The electric pressure cooker is indeed a more practical cooking appliance. It has the incomparable advantages of other cooking utensils, can meet various cooking needs, and can quickly, safely and automatically realize various cooking methods. Its energy-saving and nutritious characteristics are the direction pursued by modern people.

The Difference Between Electric Pressure Cooker And Rice Cooker

The difference between an electric pressure cooker and an electric rice cooker: From the perspective of stewing rice, the electric pressure cooker does not evaporate water when cooking food, which affects the taste of the rice; from a functional point of view, the electric pressure cooker can be regarded as an upgrade of the electric rice cooker, which can be used safely under high pressure , fast and nutritious cooking food can meet various cooking needs; in terms of cleaning convenience, electric rice cookers are relatively simpler in structure and easier to clean, while the many groove designs of electric pressure cookers make cleaning inconvenient.

The Application Principle Of The Electric Pressure Cooker Micro Switch

The application principle of the micro switch of the electric pressure cooker: there is usually a movable handle on the top of the upper cover of the new electric pressure cooker, which is connected to a rotatable insulating stopper in the pot cover, and there is one at the limit position of the stopper Switches with wires usually correspond to our G6 series micro switches. After closing the lid, the user needs to rotate the handle to the locked position. During this process, the handle drives the insulating block below it to rotate; when the block moves to the limit position, its protruding part presses the micro switch handle, and the circuit When it is turned on, the control system receives a locking signal and allows panel operation; on the contrary, if the user operates on the panel when it is not locked, the system will display an error code, prompting that the lid is not locked, which plays a role of safety protection.

Micro Switch G6 Series Products Have High Reliability

Microswitch G6 series products have high reliability, global safety certification, and competitive price, and are widely favored by customers in various industries. Our company has many years of experience in successful projects of micro switches for automation applications. We can recommend the most suitable product models according to customer applications and customize and produce various micro switches. According to the different needs of customers, we can provide multiple customized solutions, which are flexible and changeable and can quickly respond to customer production needs. Welcome to visit our website to learn more about zingear micro switches.

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