G5 Basic Micro Switches

240V Micro Switch SPDT Strip Lever With 3 Terminals

The 240V micro switch is available from us, and this model has 3 quick connect terminals with a strip lever and SPDT current code. Free samples & datasheets are available.

240V Micro Switch Features

The G5T16-E1Z200A02 is a 240V micro switch, and this model has 3 187# quick connect terminals with SPDT current code to control the current. Meanwhile, the switch also has a strip lever to increase the travel and reduce the force. Actually, the micro switch rating is 16A 125/250VAC, so it can cover the 240V environment when used. But if you need other parameters, like the operating force, rating, lever types, current codes, or terminals, please don’t hesitate to contact us to have more details.

Besides, our switch also has the certifications for safety, such as the UL, ENEC, CQC, and so on.

240V Micro Switch Photos

240V Micro Switch photos

240V Micro Switch Drawing

Drawing_G5T16-E1Z200A02 240V micro switch

How to choose an item you want?

Huizhou Granye Industrial Co., Ltd

As an illustration, you can see the picture from the left side. It not only shows the parameters of this series micro switch, but you can choose your item easily as well.

For example, if you need a switch in 0.1A 48VDC 6.3*0.8mm terminal Long straight lever SPDT 100gf operating force and MAX 85℃. You can choose our G5S05-CA100A06. However, if you are not sure, please contact us, and we will recommend the model number to you.

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