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Micro switch and principle in scanning instrument

This paper introduces the micro switch in the scanning instrument and the working principle of the scanning instrument.

This paper introduces the micro switch in the scanning instrument and the working principle of the scanning instrument.

Describe the working principle of the instrument

YIt mainly uses optical sensing devices to convert the detected optical signals into electrical signals, and then the electrical signals are converted into digital signals through analog/digital (A/D) converters and transmitted to the computer.

Photoelectric conversion component: the photoelectric conversion component is the photosensitive device, which is the core of the scanner. Its photoelectric conversion characteristics, such as spectral correspondence, light stability, sensitivity, noise, etc., are very important for image information transmission.

What kinds of interfaces do scanner interface types have?

The scanning instrument interface refers to the connection mode between the scanner and the computer. The common ones are the SCSI interface, EPP interface, and USB interface. SCSI interface scanner is connected to the computer through the SCSI interface card, its main advantage is that the data transfer speed is fast, the disadvantage is more complex installation, the need to occupy an expansion slot, and limited computer resources (interrupt number and address).

EPP interface (printer parallel port) can be connected to a scanner, printer, and computer with a cable, is easy installation, and can be connected to a laptop. However, its data transfer speed is slightly slower than that of SCSI interface scanners. USB (also known as universal interface mode) is a kind of serial interface supporting plug and play. The scanner is fast and the connection to the computer is very convenient.


The microswitch of the scanning instrument

The scanning instrument is suitable for G5 series micro switch

The micro switch has the characteristics of compact structure, small contact clearance, fast action, high sensitivity and small action travel, and also has long life, high reliability, equipped with a variety of operating rods, with global safety certification, complete types of wiring terminals, a variety of temperature levels 25T85 25T125 25T150; PTI grade has 175V,250V,600V to choose from, mechanical life 1000000 times, electrical life 100000 times, widely used in various household appliances, electronic equipment, power tools, communication equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment and other fields.

When the scanner is in the process of scanning, there is a tiny switch (sensor) on the edge that will be lifted.

What if the scanning instrument interface gives an error?

When there was a printer to print or copy, the micro switch was pressed by the cover, but because of poor contact, the driver mistakenly thought that the scanning component had been opened. You can plug the ball of paper into the small hole of the micro switch to make sure the switch is pressed down, so you won’t report this error again.

Finally, security authentication. Because scanning instruments are computer external instrumentation equipment, the United States needs UL(cUL), Europe needs ENEC, some Asian countries need CQC, and so on. So, security authentication is also important for you. At the same time, the quality of the switch is guaranteed by the safety certification.

All in all, we can provide the micro switch in vacuum cleaner, welcome to contact us for more details.

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