Electric Microswitches

Little switches go a long way

Explore the function and use of micro switch together

Micro switch in the need to often connect to replace the power circuit in the machine equipment to carry out automatic control system and safety maintenance, the switch is small, but plays an irreplaceable effect. The following will introduce the characteristics and use of micro switch!

Principle of micro switch

The micro switch is a micro contact interval and fast-moving mechanism, with a specified stroke and a specified force to switch the action of the contact mechanism, covered with a shell, its external drive rod of a switch. The external mechanical force is applied to the action reed through the transmission element (press pin, button, lever, roller, etc.). When the action reed is displaced to the critical point, an instantaneous action is generated, so that the moving contact at the end of the action reed is quickly connected or disconnected from the fixed contact.

When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces the reverse action force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the action of the reed, the reverse action is completed instantly. Micro switch contact spacing is small, short action stroke, press the power is small, fast on and off. The action speed of the moving contact is independent of the action speed of the transmission element.


Micro switch type selection and adaptation

There are many kinds of micro switch, there are hundreds of kinds of internal structure, according to the volume of ordinary, small, ultra-small; According to the protection performance, there are waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof; According to the broken form, there are single type, double type, multi type. There is also a strong disconnect microswitch (when the reed of the switch does not work, an external force can also break the switch); According to the breaking capacity, there are ordinary type, DC type, micro current type, large current type.

According to the use environment, there are ordinary type, high temperature resistant type (250℃), super high temperature resistant ceramic type (400℃). Micro switch is generally in the basic form of no auxiliary pressing accessories, and derived from small stroke type, large stroke type. According to the need to add different auxiliary pressing auxiliary parts, according to the addition of different pressing auxiliary switches can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, long boom type and other forms.

Microswitch wiring method&Use of micro switch

Speaking of the microswitch wiring method, in fact, is very simple, the general microswitch has three points, one of the three points is a common point, one is normally open point, the other is closed point, the common point is like the zero line in the socket, normally open point is to open the switch, so that the current flows through the point, closed point of course is to disconnect the current through the contact. Put the corresponding point in the corresponding position, and you’re done. Although the micro-switch wiring method looks very simple, but also the premise to do the relevant preparation measures.

Micro switch volume is small, but the effect is very large, in our life can be seen everywhere. Such as computer mouse, automobile mouse, automobile electronic products, communication equipment, military products, testing instruments, gas water heater, gas water heater, gas stove, small household appliances, microwave oven, rice cooker, floating ball equipment, medical equipment, building automation, power tools and general electrical and radio equipment, 24 hours timer, etc.

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