Micro Switch

Toneluck micro switch is famous for its high-quality product and system and mature production system, which now is the most famous brand in China. It is rewarded by many well-known customers, like GE, Haier, Whirlpool, Pioneer, Panasonic, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, etc.

Toneluck Micro Switch
Meanwhile, our micro switch range includes the SPDT, SPST, and DPDT microswitch, and the waterproof switch type, mini size, normal size, and big size switch are all available from us. Welcome to contact us to have the details information.

Micro Switch Range & Application
Toneluck microswitch’s highest operating temperature tolerance specification can reach 220 ℃, and the maximum load is at 22A. Which can be used in the washing machine, refrigerators, air conditioners, high-temperature ovens, dryers, and all kinds of small home appliances and automotive parts. For more application information, welcome to see our application page.

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